Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ghosts, Spanish Moss and Pirates, Oh My!

My daughters and I took our first mother-daughter "overnight" trip. We traveled to Savannah. I know, that is still in Georgia but we did a 4 night/5 day trip with just us girls and it was soooo nice. Why Savannah you ask?  Well we have always shared a love of the possibility of Ghosts and Spooky stuff.

When the girls were younger, we all three dressed alike on vacation.  I asked them if they would wear matching t-shirts now and they firmly said "no".  So I got us almost matching rings anyway.  They were fine with that.

We did a haunted house tour one day that was Tapps Certified as a Haunted House.  They said sometimes the battery would drain from camera's and then be alright once you reach outside. 
Well it happened to mine.  Spooky!

We also ate at the Pirate House for lunch buffet.  It was wonderful. 

I got to see Johnny Depp and even smooch with him.  I wish! 

How do you like my Pirate shirt?

The Pirate version of the "Bachelorette"

Went to Tybee Island to see the ocean.  The tide was way out there and it was so hot I didn't want to walk 1/2 mile to get to the surf.   So we climbed the Lighthouse, or should I say the girls did.  I made it about half way and waited in a cubby hole with a window until they got done.  I guess now I am showing my age because my knees and breath could not take the climb.

View from top, compliment of the girls.....

My version of looking out the Lighthouse......

My youngest celebrated her 27th birthday while we were there. 
Hail to the Queen!

We still wanted a ghost experience so we did a 90 minute walking
tour at night.  Spooky!

I did get my way with wearing shirts alike when the girls saw these!
Boo Ya'll

I still get happy and giddy with them as I did when they were little girls.  I am so blessed and thankful that my girls still want to hang around with their mom.
We always said we were the 3 musketeers.
So hopefully you saw by the photos that we had a great time in Savannah and that just because we all grew up, we still have the same interests and love each other very much.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grandson's Big Days...

Grandson recently turned 5
and also had his first day at big boy school. "Kindergarten".  
He is growing up so fast.......  

Yummy! Spiderman cake!

He received lots of great toys and he loves Play-Doh.

We took him shopping and he picked out this Mini Cooper. 

First day of school...

  Mommy love!

Wishing him and all the kids at school that they have
 a wonderful time of fun and learning this year!