Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lighthouse Complete....

My hunny finished my lighthouse and it turned out wonderful.  See!

Hard at work........

Oh look......mice have already moved in..... this looks familiar.....

Yes.  Mouse family are happy to have a home now. 
We need to go furniture shopping.

The lighthouse looks good with my stairs.  I put it under my daughters painting she did of a lighthouse. There is a window next to it and you can turn the lighthouse on at night. 
 My hunny did a fantastic job.
It is amazing!  Love it!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Romance Covers

Hey...just a few romance book covers I ran across while searching
for my next read....enjoy the looks.

The next two are my favorites......and I have read them too.  Great Reads!

Images are from Amazon.com and Avon Romance Blog.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Books are Awesome!

My whole family knows I am a reader.  I received a Kindle e-reader for Christmas.   I can read on my IPad, Kindle, Phone, or hold a precious book in my hand.  I was hesitant to go digital for awhile but the price of e-books are so good.  Most times it is as affordable (when you can grab a book for .99 cents) as going to your local library for the cost of gas.

But as a writer myself, I don't want the book that you can feel in your hand to go away either.  So let's keep it all going from buying a digital book, to also keep purchasing a book at your local bookstore so nothing disappears and we will still have the different choices.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Below is my SCBWI membership card.  I am so excited to be a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators Association.  Great organization for children writers. I am thankful for the mention in their magazine as a new member.  Hope to learn many things through this organization on my road to publication. 

Finished Book One in my Friendship Series and have started my out line for Book Two.  The characters below are my inspiration for the second book. 
I have these sitting in my window sill at home.
I am blessed that I have the opportunity to work on things
 that I have an interest in. 
Thank you Lord for your goodness.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Picture Day

Here are a few pictures I found on the web that I like. Enjoy.

I had hair this long at one point in my life.  I miss it.  Should I do it again? 

Cool desk.
photo credit: tumblr-myideahome 

I like this layered look.
photo credit: pink wallpaper blog

Looks like Italy is calling.
photo credit: tumblr

I plan to build a farm door for my "future" mud room.  Honey help!

Come on in Mrs.Cow.

Let's all practice this.
photo credit: lovequotesrus-time

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 10th

We have several things we celebrate on July 10th each year.

Our anniversary, my mom's birthday and our grandson's birthday. 

Here are a few highlights:

We went to Gatlinburg for our anniversary. 
We relaxed, ate and saw a few things.....

We visited some cute bears....

King Kong invaded Pigeon Forge....

6th birthday party

All the paw paws...........

He picked out his whole meal.  Can you tell he lives in the South?
Chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, corn, Texas toast,
watermelon and sweet tea..

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Where Oh Where Have I Been.....

I know I have been missing in action.  I have been soooo busy with personal things such as I went full-time at work (and let me tell you I work, work, work) and I am taking classes for work to get my FPC Payroll Certification.  I also joined Weight Watchers because I want to feel better (eating healthier sometimes feels like a job) and I am trying to publish a children's picture book I wrote.

So I need to take a breath as you probably do to.  I am sure none of my daily activities is any less busier than yours.  I did buy the following book by Jan Silvious (Christian Writer) to hopefully get insight to put my busy life and the way I have been feeling lately into perspective.

Book is available at Amazon.com

My smiles...........................


Happy 4th and Cheers to our Independence!

Let me know how your doing!