Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am into the color yellow right now.  Goes along with Spring right?  So naturally feeling all springy and such, I was shopping and this yellow purse just jumped right out of it's shelf and landed in my arms and said "Take me home please".  So since it asked nicely, I did.  Ha Ha. Do I sound crazy?  Family, don't answer that!

(purchased at Kohl's)
I love the purse so much , I went back and got it in black too.
Cause you can't always carry a yellow purse.

So in honor of Spring and all the yellow you are able to find around right now,
enjoy the photos! 

other photo credits: pughs-news tumblr


  1. Just don't buy me any yellow underwear.

  2. I love the yellow packages! So sweet!

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my family blog! I was just stopping by your blog to answer you question about shabbyblogs templates...they are super easy to install!! Just follow the directions they give you & I don't think you will have any problems!! Just have to make sure you are using the old blogger Minima layout! Gorgeous pics by the way...loving the yellow!!