Thursday, February 10, 2011

I must have .......

I've always had this "habit" or some might call it an obsession.

Can you tell what it is by this picture? 

You got it.  I buy alot of magazines.  I am drawn to them.
Things just don't feel right unless I have magazines and books around me. 

I knew that I needed to weed them out.  So I have started going through them.
I am keeping my favorites and re-cycling the others. 

Tip:  I always keep my decorating, craft and scrapbooking magazines
and use markers to label my favorite pages.
Then I have easy access to finding a page that I know I have seen before.

Now I just need to get to organizing the family photos in these photo boxes below. 
Any suggestions?


  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my jewelry organizer! I should have shown a before picture because it really was a jumbled mess!! =)

  2. Well we definitely have this in common. I have a magazine obsession. Over the years I've cleaned out a lot, but for the most part I save them. UGH! Such a big project deciding what to toss and keep.

  3. I saw your comment on Penny's blog and had to come over to see how you organize your magazines as I also have a large collection :)

    I save the same magazines you do in stand up folders on my bookcases. I rip out recipes from food magazines and file them in binders. I am beginning to realize I won't live long enough to cook all the recipes I've saved!