Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Homemade Jewerly Display

I have looked for many months in the retail world for an item that would hold my long necklaces. No luck.  So I started surfing the many blogs that I follow and did find some ideas.

City Farmhouse Blog

 Forever Cottage Blog

and my favorite.......
Farmgirl Paints Blog

All the blogs I mentioned above
are inspiring places to check out............

But carrying on.....
Recently I was visiting friends in Tennessee and we went antiquing in their small town.  I ran across a tall ladder that they had painted white and had screwed cup hooks on it and then they displayed many things on the ladder such as handkerchiefs and small pillows attached with just safety pins. 

Then the light bulb went off in my head.  I could do my own "smaller" version of this for my closet.  So I took a picture with my camera phone vowing to make one when I got home.  And I did.

We took an old bunk bed ladder and painted it white and added the cup holder hooks.  My hubby attached it to my closet wall and the wonderful result is below.  I am very pleased with it. Thanks for your help Hunny.

How do you like it?  

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  1. A lodge cabin theme can be used for kids who love camping styles tents; you can add in a few stuffed animals like squirrels, porcupines, elks and moose to complete the look. You can transform the room with appropriate twin over full bunk beds with trundle that goes with this particular theme; like branches instead of a curtain rod, bear skin rug, table lamps with animal shapes and so on