Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It finally happened....

Castle and Beckett finally kissed! 

Love the show Castle. 
On Monday night's show they finally kissed.  Been a long time coming.  
Even though it was a work related kiss, the chemistry was there and they know it.

As a writer myself, I love a well-written kissing scene.

Thanks ABC Network for a great show.


  1. Kind of like the first time you leaned over the table and layed one on me. HAHA

  2. We love this show! I have it tivo'd and need to watch it! I didn't know about the kiss! It's about time!
    Good luck on the romance writing! That's my preferred book of choice!
    Thanks for dropping by and your sweet comments!Building a home can be so rewarding. You learn so much that one day I'd love to do it again! Sounds like you're still enjoying the process! Hope you have a wonderful week!