Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last few days...........

We had the grandson this past weekend. 
I walked by where we take our shoes off at the door and I noticed this:

He had put his shoes inside grandpa's sandals.  He is being neat and tidy.

Latest grandpa and grandson moment.

Then the snow storm hit in Georgia.
We got pounded by 8 inches of snow, then sleet the next day. 

Cow pasture we have in back yard.  No cows to be seen!

Forethought:  At work they made us take our laptop's home before the weekend because I process payroll.  People need to get paid regardless of rain, sleet or snow.  It's like the Post Office motto.  But ironically, the mail service could not get through the roads this time.

So here I am in my pajamas processing payroll at home.  Comfy, I might add.

Wherever you are in this snowstorm that is hitting the US, please be careful.

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