Friday, December 17, 2010

3 Things...

                                                   There are three things I absolutely love.

                                                   1.  Sweet Tea (especially McDonald's)

                                                                  2.  French Fries

                                                                     3.  Cupcakes

                                           Now as you can see, all 3 things are bad for me. 

Sweet tea has caffeine (but I'm still getting my water), french fries are fried (enough said) and cupcakes have fat calories in them (but they are sooooo pretty). 
                                                          Bad, Bad, Bad...

So I need to give them up or lessen my consumption of them for the New Year. 
                                         Help! How can I accomplish this? 

               But for now and to December 31st, I will continue to enjoy. 
                                        Yes, I'm being bad at Christmas time.

(photo credits: McDonalds, Wikepedia, Martha


  1. Oh no...I officially have the wants for all things yummy. My stomache is growling at the thought of those fries and that cupcake!

  2. my little family just polished off about 5 dozen christmas cookies in a week and a half...why are all the goodies so, so bad?! thank you by the way! we love the craft room so much now that we've switched things up. the cubby was actually picked up at a yard sale years ago. it's very homemade...unfinished plywood. i think it came out of a workshop. it's going to be very usefull!

  3. Hi again...those sweet mice came from Martha Stewart's website. You can print them for free! I can't take the credit for the great idea...saw it on a few blogs just before Halloween this year. Let me know if you have trouble finding it and I'll dig it up...

  4. my weaknesses are coffee and salty/ buttery popcorn. Neither of which I am ready to give up! he he!