Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas

We have a white Christmas here in North Georgia.  They said in Georgia, we have had only 12 snows with just a trace amount of snow on Christmas day in the last 130 years.  The last recordable snow was 1883. 

                                                         This morning I woke up to this.

                                             Then we went and had our family Christmas.
                                                        Praying over our good food.

                                                        Grandson opening presents.

                  Then it started to snow and we went home, took a nap and woke up to this.

                                             Also, my hunny gave me a surprise this year.

This necklace is lovely.
                                                                     Thanks hunny!

We thank the Lord for a year of blessings and comfort that he has given our family this year.  Wishing blessings to you and your family today and always into the New Year!

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