Sunday, December 5, 2010

Age old sock mystery!

Where do socks go after you put them in the dryer?
      The story goes like this. 
I count them as I put them in to be washed.  Then I put them in the dryer and go back 30 minutes later, pull all the clothes out to be folded and end up with a least one sock missing.   Poof.  Favorite sock gone again.  So, do normal routine like lay sock to the side in sock drawer hoping one day the missing sock will magically appear to be reunited with each other. 
Now, if they do not find each other in about 3 months, you have two choices: 
1. Toss  (or)
2. Introduce the two mis-matched socks to each other and wear in the future.  No one will ever know! 

(photo credit: Country Sampler Mag online) 


  1. First of all that is the cutest laundry room!!!!! I hate socks...they are my laundry evil:-) I think mismatch just need to finally meet.

  2. i get so frustrated when I don't have all of my socks together. They end up in the trash and then 2 weeks later the mate tends to show up.