Thursday, December 9, 2010

My First Love...

Happy Birthday to my first love today.  It's Donny Osmond......and yes I've had to share him with many, many girls.  One of my more happier childhood memories was when my Dad walked in from work with a Donny Osmond album.  I had only the radio to listen to his songs, always waiting for Donny or the Osmonds to come on.  He handed me the album and said, "You deserve this for all you do around here."  I will never forget that feeling of ....yes, someone around here is paying attention to what I like in my life.  

Anyway, I raised my children different from the way I was raised.  I kept up with their likes & dis-likes as well as loving them unconditionally.  I was wondering, did you have a teen crush?  Could it be Donny along with me or David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy or Leif Garrett?

Who was on your list?

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  1. Oh that's funny. I had many crushes...Ralph Macchio and Tom Cruise come to mind. Have a great weekend:)